Welcome to the Deerfield Lake Homeowners' Association website

Deerfield Lake is a community development located in Strongsville, OH. The neighborhood offers a community swimming pool, tennis courts, a playground, 2 lakes and a walking trail. It is conveniently located 5 minutes from I-71, 11 miles from Cleveland Hopkins Airport, and 22 miles from downtown Cleveland.


We now have a new Playground Set in the South Commons area. A photograph has been posted to the Gallery of Images. Residents, feel free to enjoy it.

If you have a question concerning your homeowner account, such as why you are being billed for late payment letters, collection letters, etc.  Please contact our Management Company with your concerns.  Do not contact a Board of Trustees member directly.  If you wish to take up the issue with the Board, come to the next public meeting, and address the entire board with your concern.

Attention Homeowners:  If you have a storm drain water collection basin on your property,  please keep it open and free of debris.  In addition, if you have a storm drain grate in the street in front of your property, keep this free of debris as well.  Taking the above actions will go a long way toward eliminating a potential source of flooding to your property as well as those of your neighbors.  If you see a blocked storm drain, that cannot be cleared by individual effort, please notify the City of Strongsville Service Department at 440-580-3170.

Attention -Homeowners, Realtors and Title Companies

Please direct all inquiries concerning the status of homeowner accounts, etc. to our Property Management Company for action.  The telephone number for our Manager, Kyle Pelfrey, appears at the bottom of this screen.  Be advised that you will be directed to Homewise.com for this information.  Homewise.com does charge a fee for this service.  The fee amount is in the neighborhood of $135.00.

Please use this website as a resource to answer you questions, keep up-to-date on current events or to make suggestions. In the event of a problem with the common grounds, playground, tennis court, or to inquire about dues payments, etc., please contact our property manager, Kyle Pelfrey, at the number provided below. To contact the board of trustees, please email trustees@deerfieldlakeHOA.com


Important Notice about Geese

Just a reminder to our residents: Please not to feed the geese in our lakes. The association is spending money each year trying to keep the geese away from our lakes, and feeding them only encourages them to stay and nest. The geese leave a huge mess around the lakes, and the big flocks have been known to become aggressive and territorial. We have recently installed geese-deterent lights in both lakes. Please do your part to help keep our neoighborhood clean and safe by not feeding the waterfowl.

How to register for DLHOA web account.

Lately, we have been getting few requests that are not complete. Please make sure that you fill out the required fields completely. All the requests that are not complete will be deleted immediately. Please make sure that you state you street number and street name with your full phone number so we could easily authenticate your eligibility. Applications not containing a valid Deerfield Lake Street Address will also be deleted, immediately
Thank you

Change in Ownership

If you’ve recently bought or sold your home in Deerfield Lake, please email us the new owner’s name and address, so we can keep our records up-to-date. Trustees@deerfieldlakeHOA.com